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Some Babies Come with a Loaf of Bread Under Their Arm....

alec vanderboom

Little Abigail Clare came with a Prius!

My sweet husband is such a model of St. Joseph. Praise be to God we got some of our student loan debt cleared away this Spring. My little Carmelite family was finally looking like it was going to have a normal grocery budget.

Our little newborn daughter arrived and my husband became extra sad about his commute. To get an affordable house in the DC Metro Area, my husband commutes 150 miles round trip on the MARC train. He gets up at 4:30 AM and comes home at 7 PM. Many nights he holds Tess (our 18 month old) less than 10 minutes before she crashes and has to go to bed. My husband said couldn't imagine doing that same routine with Little Abigail from birth.

So we prayed hard for a couple of days.

I kept thinking about St. Joseph buying the donkey so that Mary could make the journey to Bethlehem.

St. Joseph came through! (He's such a great Saint for us. St. Teresa of Avila used him for all her urgent prayer requests). Today, my husband bought a Prius. The bank gave us a loan at a decent interest rate, which they said was impossible when we bought from Carmax ten months again.

So now we are going to eat rice and beans for a while. As I told Jon "It's rice and beans and Daddy coming home for dinner at 5:45 PM!" Daddy is what makes dinner special at our house, not the food!

Update: Prayer works! Jon said that a father of four ran to meet him at the car dealership today. He saw the stickers of 5 kids on our van. The salesman helped Jon pick out the right car. Then the finance person "pulled a few strings" to get us a ridiculously low interest rate for our credit score because my husband looked like a nice guy. See kids really do come cheaper by the half dozen.