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Blunt Amendment Vote Tomorrow

alec vanderboom

Tomorrow, the Senate is voting on the Blunt Amendment, which basically carves out a better exception to Obama's "ridiculous paying for contraception mandate" for people and institutions that have a religious objections to paying for birth control, abortion and sterilizations.

Of course, the Senators who support this amendment are getting pounded for being "anti-women."

Honestly, it takes 15 seconds. Call the Senate switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask to get transferred to your State's Senator. All you have to do is say "vote Yes for to the Blunt Amendment" and give your address to prove you are a legitimate state voter.

For those of you in West Virginia, it is especially important to call. Our Senator is a pro-life Democrat who is co-sponsoring the bill. Of course, his party is on him so there is some question about him voting an "objection vote" rather than a straight "Yes" tomorrow.