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I'm on a mission....

alec vanderboom

to help curly haired girls adore their natural hair type!

So you see my pretty Mimi pictured below. At age 4, she is already complaining that she wants straight hair like her big sister!

As we walk through life, so many women come up to me and talk about "I had hair just like that, but my Mom couldn't brush it, SO SHE CUT IT ALL OFF and it grew back like this.." These woman who are in their fifties or sixties and still have tears in their eyes when they talk about that trauma.

Then I found that I had curly hair like my daughter Mimi, but I got it "cut wrong" at age five also. Now my hair is more "wavy" than having adorable "Annie" curls like Miss Mimi.

So I'm nominating reformed curly girl expert Miss Kaitlin to give all us moms of curly tops an online tutorial in hair care.

And please, if you have a pretty curly girl in your life, tell her that she looks uniquely beautiful every day--because that pressure to comfort to "straight hair" beauty is very dreadful!