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alec vanderboom

I flaked out on moving day. I totally forgot that the original plan was to be in the new house for the internet guy to visit instead of buying massive amounts of cheap furniture at IKEA with my family of six. When I finally arrived to my new address four hours later I saw a message from the internet guy. "Oh well," I thought. "Hopefully, I can get him scheduled again sometime within the next two weeks."

Then today the internet guy came back.

I thought Jon called him to reschedule our missed appointment. Jon thought I called him.

Turns out the guy decided that since family moving into a new house wasn't home on the initial date schedule--he would just stop by the next day--ON HIS OWN INITIATIVE.

This does not happen in the City, much less on a Fourth of July weekend.

As a flaky Carmelite and mother of six, I'm really enjoying living in a rural State with kind, helpful people who cut you major slack!