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Blogger Round-Up

alec vanderboom

Have you all met my wonderful group of blogger friends?

You already know my famous friends, Conversion Diary Jen, and Betty Beguiles. But have you meet my new Catholic writer buddies?

Kaitlin from More Like Mary, More Like Me often takes my breath away. Like this post about a First Father's Day and carrying a devotion to Mary during a struggle with infertility. Or the post my husband still refers to as "the funniest post on the internet." Kaitlin INVENTED this series called "Why I Love My Husband" to combat all the negative whining wives sometimes do in person and online. (Me= guilty!)

Now, have you stopped by Danya's front porch yet. Mother of seven, three adopted, and the youngest a CRAZY pregnancy miracle from a long time suffer of secondary infertility. Danya is FUNNY! A regular St. Thomas Moore wit going on. And she's profound. The "maybe your not called to be a crazy lady in a white van like me, but God is calling you to be something!" is a post permenately etched in my mind. Visit her often. You'll always leave with a smile.

(Baby Tess is up, hope to introduce you to new gems later)