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West Wing - Why are we changing maps?

alec vanderboom

My brother works on Capital Hill and has the complete collection of "The West Wing". I popped one in the DVD player yesterday and was taken aback by how much my three years in Carmel have completely transformed my outlook on my former fav TV show.

a) These guys are interrupted ALL of the time. (I mean, I'm a Mama of 4--I thought my life was constant interruptions) It's all "you've got to get that that meeting now", or "we need you to start working on those briefing points STAT". No character has time for time to reflect or even usually complete a full thought on a detailed policy question on the show.

b) EVERYONE is presumed to be super smart. The policy wonks, the secretaries, even the guy whose job it is to "hold the Presidents" jacket. Intelligence trumps all other human character values. Its so exhausting to watch most of the characters spending a huge amount of time engaged in random "witty banter" that proves how smart they are.

c) Everyone seems completely surprised and annoyed that events do not go smoothly as planned.

d) Every tries to get out of "demeaning" jobs. Instead of this idea that as a public servant it is an honor to preform any of the tasks the President needs completed, not matter how small, the characters spend their time shuffling off "demeaning", boring jobs that are supposedly beneath their IQ to complete.

A slice of our noisy, chaotic post-modern world at its finest.