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Pauline Books and Media

alec vanderboom

Do you live anywhere near Old Town Alexandria, Virginia?

The next time you are taking a stroll check out an exceptionally fantastic Catholic bookstore

1025 King Street
Alexandria, VA22314

The Pauline Sisters are an order of nuns who's entire purpose is to help us Catholics select yummy spiritual reading material. (And yes, they sell the ICS publications there). I've never been in a religious bookstore like it--clarity and peace. I feel inspired, not overwhelmed. I find great finds and I never have any trouble staying within my budget (Since I'm both a gluttonous bookworm and exceptionally poor Carmelite is an usual occurrence.)

It's like each sales clerk spends all day praying about my personal "overhwlemed and indecisiveness about spiritual reading choice" problem, or something.....

They totally live up to there founder's hope.

"In the words of Bessed James Alberione, founder of the Daughters of St. Paul,

“Do not aim at having simply bookstores,
but rather centers
from which emanate
the light of truth
and the morality of the Church.”

The Pauline Sisters have other bookstores around the country.

It looks like you can order online. Oh what is that I see, a 40% off Summer Sale? (I love supporting the Nuns. It's like they already understand that some of us have lots of little feet that happened to outgrew each and every Target sandal in June)

Don't cheat yourself, however. Don't place an order online without at least first calling to chat with my friend, Sister Andrew (or another equally helpful Pauline Sister) and getting some reading suggestions from a religious sister who was born to be a friendly Christian librarian.