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alec vanderboom

Wednesday, June 29th at 4 PM.

Home inspection went AWESOME.

I specifically picked the most "anal retentive" home inspector that I could find. This was a guy who my realtor said she "hated" because he makes "deals fall apart."

I was expecting to meet a dweeby guy with tape around his glasses.

Instead, I meet this huge, joyful guy with the love of Christ pouring out of him. This guy has done over 6,000 home inspections. He's so positive, so knowledgeable. He basically taught my husband how to care for our home in less than 2 hours. I haven't run into this much knowledge+love+positive energy since Bunny left the NICU.

(Did I tell you that he's one of eight siblings? Yeah! Mr. Tim is going to stay on our Christmas card list forever.)

So slight hiccup (of course!)

The boiler didn't "fire up" during the inspection. Which could mean either

a) major problem with the furnace or

b) minor problem.

We don't care because we can afford to buy a new furnace before winter, but the bank does. We can't get our money until the furnace is fixed. (Under the USDA loan terms we can't get a "discount" for a broken furnace, everything major needs to be working in the home to make it "habitable" before we get the funds.)

So will I have a new home on June 29th? Or will it be many more weeks of living out of a suitcase at my single brother's house with 4 small children? Only God knows, but He is good!

Patience obtains all things

Sad news: Jon ran into my neighbor of five years yesterday and told her that we are moving. She almost started crying. Her rent went up to $2500 this month for her 3 bedroom. She's over 70 and doesn't know what she is going to do next year. She doesn't think she can get a mortgage because of her age. Please keep our neighbor, Miss "P" in your prayers.