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This Mother's Day will find me.....

alec vanderboom

Celebrating a First Mother's Day with these lovely Mommies:

Abigail's Mommy

Hannah Grace's Mommy

Hannah Rose's Mommy

Issac's Mommy

Joseph's Mommy

Michael & Eli's Mommy

Enjoying a First Mother's Day of Siblings with these lovely Mommies:

Dominic's Mommy

Luke's Mommy

Laughing with these Experienced Mommies

Vivian's Mommy

Zelie's Mommy

Rejoicing in a Successful Homecoming from the NICU with these Courageous Mommies

Addison's Mommy

James' Mommy

Joey's Mommy

Sklyar's Mommy

Praying for These Expectant Mommies

Baby Cheesehead's Mommy (my own affectionate nicknames)

Baby Texan Number Five's Mommy

Grieving with These Mourning Mommies:

Micah and Judah's Mommy

Impatiently Hoping with These "I so want to become a Mommy!"

God Alone Suffices


This Cross I Embrace

Mary, the Mother of God, pray for us!