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My Week

alec vanderboom

My life is just a tad too exciting these days!

Currently, I am a) buying my first house in a different state, b) packing up the apartment I've lived in for the past five years without movers, c) finishing up my kids portfolio for their home school review, d) coddling a teething baby and e) celebrating my beloved husband's 39 birthday, our 10the wedding anniversary and my daughter's 4 birthday (all in the same week.)

All of these projects are complicated by the fact that we don't have much money.

So when you try to buy a house without any money, you have to pass this crazy house inspection AND a special USDA loan appraisal. Which means that I can't really bond with the house we currently bid on until the last two conditions are meant.

(I'm doing GREAT at calmly being patient while my whole life is turned upside...ah, not really).

If you've got a prayer request, please pass it along. Johnny and I are doing LOTS of sweat equity for God these next two weeks. Happy to pray for you as I pack.