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alec vanderboom

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So we're leaving in three weeks! We're saying goodbye, not just to my over-priced City, but to my entire "living in an unreal housing bubble" State. We're taking these city kids and moving out to the country....

my old home state of West Virginia! (everyone who has known me from high school can properly faint at this moment!)

Things are moving along. We bought a mini-van. No more bus!

We got pre-approved for a mortgage. No more renting!

Soon, God willing, we will buy our very first house. (My first pick fell through this past week but there are other fish in the sea.) Maybe you have to know us personally to get the wonder at the amazing power of God--but trust me it's awesome. We are two poor, clueless Carmelites. Financial savvy did not get us into our first home. Jesus did!

(God LOVES the poor.)

St. Joseph, patron of families, pray for us!