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Another Sad Thing about Moving

alec vanderboom

We're moving farther away from my little son's grave.
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Five years, and I still don't have a stone for him. Maybe we can afford one someday soon. At least my poverty is giving me a chance to really think about the best Scripture passage to assign him!

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I can't tell you how healing having this place is for my soul. And how important it is for my children to have a specific place to pray for their brother. They don't remember me being pregnant anymore, but they remember coming here.

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It's actually pretty fun to visit brother Francisco's "special play group." (My son is buried in a special children's section of the cemetery reserved for infants who died under one year. At first, I thought I was the only one who buried a miscarriage, but I found another family who buried 2 miscarried siblings.) I love that they have such calm memories of praying in a cemetery. I wish I was so comfortable with act of "praying for the dead" when I was a kid.