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alec vanderboom

(for Danya part II)

Since I became a Carmelite, I've really shaved off most of my devotionals. I'm an adult convert to the church. The rosary still feels exotic to me.

There was a time three years into my conversion, where I was collecting all kinds of devotionals like shiny medals in a row. Johnny and I just had layers and layers of them.

Now as a Carmelite, everything is pretty simple and streamlined.

As a Carmelite, I'm committed to 3 types of prayer; the Mass, the Liturgy of the Hours (Morning and Evening Prayer), and at least 1/2 an hour of prayer of the quiet. As an unformed newbie in Catholic motherhood, I'm not remotely hitting all 90 minutes of prayer and getting to Mass each day. I'm not adding any "new" devotionals until I get my Carmelite prayer life in order.

Here's my simple list:

I wear my brown scapular.
I pray my "Morning Offering" with my husband in our hallway before he leaves for work.
I've got Holy Pictures hung in my house that I like to look at when there is "trouble" with my vocation during the day.
I rent Saint movies from Netflix.