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Things I Wish I Knew Before Baby Number Four...

alec vanderboom

My blogger friend, Kaitlin, at More Like Mary, More Like Me is past her due date with her first baby. Go down there and give her some love. She's taking prayer requests for upcoming labor, so be sure to give her something extra hard. Mommy Mary NEVER turns down prayer requests from
ladies in labor.

In Honor of the new baby (who WILL be coming out sometime this month, Kaitlin. We promise!) here is a quick wrap up "things I wish I knew before Baby Number Four.. ."

1) The Cloud b Sleep Sheep might be a gimmick for the baby, but BOY does it work for soothing stressed out Mamas! I'm getting my taxes done online in no time by listening to its "relaxing whale sounds."

2) Keep one pacifier, one pacifier clip in the house. Crazy, but I haven't lost it in three months. When I had 10 for my other kids, I lost my pacifiers all of the time.

What do you Veteran Mothers suggest? (Mothers of all family sizes welcomed to comment!)

Update: As of 11:56 AM, looks like Kaitlin is in labor! Prayers please!