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Meet the Saints- St. Bathild

alec vanderboom

I missed posting about a new favorite saint whose feast day was on January 30th. St. Bathild was a young English girl who was kidnapped by pirates around 630 AD and brought to France as a slave to an officer in the king's palace. In an amazing demonstration of virtue Butler's Lives of the Saints states: "(St) Bathild did not struggle against her circumstances but carefully learned to do the housekeeping chores required of her, while remaining polite and gentle"

King Clovis II MARRIED Bathild in 649. As Queen Bathild did much to advance the Christian faith in France. (Not surprisingly, she also took an active part in suppressing the slave trade.) After the Kings death, Bathild abandoned her crown and entered a convent. The only thing that set her apart as a nun was her "extraordinary humility and strict obedience to religious superiors."

So much to learn from this Saint--starting with "learning how to do my housekeeping chores while remaining polite and gentle."

I'm struck by how this real life fairy tale models the life of Our Blessed Mother, the humble Queen of Housekeeping eventually becomes Queen of France--while Mom becomes the Queen of Heaven and Earth.

I'm also amazed at how many saints started out as slaves: St. Patrick, Ven. Pierre Toussaint, and St. Josephine Bakhita. Anyone have other former slaves to add to the list?