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Turning Into Sporty Spice, Part II

alec vanderboom

This is day two of my new exercise routine--Wow!

First, I've got to explain before this week I would have labeled myself as absolutely allergic to exercise. My experiences as a cross-country runner in High School were not good. I believed the world was divided between "jocks" and "bookworms." I firmly planted myself in the second category.

So tonight was a total surprise. I enjoyed myself! I left the house at the grossest part of the day for me (6 PM), dropped off 4 happy kids to the kiddie gym playground and then had almost an hour of rare time alone with my husband.

I did 20 minutes on the cross-country skiing machine, 10 minutes on the rowing machine and lifted (teeny tiny) weights. At the end of my 45 minute exercise routine, my boy bought me a strawberry "recovery shake" at the gym smoothie bar.

My virtue I'm working on in 2011 is "fortitude". That skiing machine was rough. Every time I'd start to fade a bit, my husband would cheer me on with the chant "Fortitude! Fortitude!"

The rest of the time I got to hear about my husband's day in real time. (Usually, we only get to talk after all the kids hit the hay at 9:30 PM.)

Life with God is nothing but surprises. Finding a new way to visit with my best friend everyday is a good one!