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Christmas Card Update

alec vanderboom

As of tonight, 70 out of our 80 Christmas Cards, have been mailed.

I've still got all the Sisters (nuns) to mail out. It's so ironic because my desire to chat with all the Sisters about the miracle of Baby Tess is what drove the whole Christmas card project in the first place. But it's all good!

I wanted to shout out to my friend, Conversion Diary Jen, (who is so together she sends photos of 4 smiling children AND a newsletter AND a personal note before the end of Christmas) that I took her idea of free 250 business cards from Vista print and ran with it this year.

I made the cutest "spiritual bouquet" cards for my family. There is a flower on the logo and it says "Jon and Abigail will pray for you". In the contact listing we wrote out slots for our different prayers. Now I can simply list off the number of Divine Mercy Chaplets, Rosaries, etc. that I will do for a person and put the a tangible sign of our prayers inside our Christmas card. So great for all of priests and religious friends.