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Happy 36th Birthday To Me!

alec vanderboom

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I'm over the stomach flu. Miss Tess and my husband have so far been spared. Yesterday, Miss Tess also decided after 3 MONTHS of me begging to refuse eat formula and prefer to nurse. Of course, this happens that exact day that I'm dying from the stomach flu. My husband kept telling me "I'm so sorry to do this to you, but she won't eat from the bottle." Ironic timing is everything.

For my birthday present my boy bought me a new (real) wedding ring set! It is SO pretty! On Dec 31, 1999, I prayed to our Blessed Mother to let me help her bring more peace into the world. Rather than send me off to join the UN as I intended, she send me a lonely, sweet boy to love. Nine and 1/2 years of marriage and one NICU stay later-- I'm so much more in love with him then when we started.

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