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Because I'm to lazy to do my own internet research. . . .

alec vanderboom

I need advice about finding a new wedding ring online. I'm one of those girls whose ring size goes up and down a ridiculous amount while she's breastfeeding. For example, last week I got sized at Kay's at at 6 3/4. Tonight, I was a 8 1/2.

My original wedding ring and engagement ring are a size 5. They are out of the picture, so I don't have a sentimental attachment to any wedding jewelry.

I have a nice diamond wedding band that is a size 6. It will cost about $80 to size it. Because I'm secretly hoping that Tess isn't my last baby, I'd like to hold off on changing my "good" band until menopause.

So that leaves me entering in the world of finding a cheap wedding band, that doesn't look cheap. Any advice?

I'm totally fine with cubic zirconia.

I need a real metal in the ring, however, either sterling silver or white gold.(I did the $8 costume jewelery thing over Christmas and my ring finger turned brown).

My husband wants a big, fake "bling" ring set. I think that having a huge ring--even if it's fake--looks a little ridiculous on a poor Carmelite. A compromise is something in the middle.

If worse comes to worse I can get a 2 mm white gold ring at Kay's for $60.00. It's an okay solution, but worn solo the thin band looks a little ridiculously small on my finger. I'm hoping to find a much more dignified solution at or around $100 online.

I also don't know what size ring to get. Jon also suggested finding 2 cheap silver rings at size 7 and a size 9 that I can trade off during the day. We went to Kohl's tonight but didn't see anything special.

Anyone have any solutions or suggestions?

(Thanks for helping Jon select my birthday present!)

Hmmm. . . thinking now about this option A or option B. What's a normal carat size that doesn't look laughably fake?