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Every Child is Both a Gift From God and a Task For Him

alec vanderboom

I went to confession last Sunday and scrapped six weeks of muck off of my soul. (Nothing like the drama of the NICU to point out how dreadfully short my soul is on charity!) After laying down my sins and telling Jesus that I was sorry, my priest handed me some deep food for thought.

Every Child is a gift from God. Like all of God's gifts, children are both a "gift" and "a task." A gift implies work--- a responsibility to heaven.

When God hands me a gift, it means that He trusts me to do the work.

God would never give me a task if he didn't already believe that I possess within me the means to accomplish His Will. In fact, God is waiting with the gift of grace to help me accomplish each of the tasks that I have as a mother, even the ones that seem impossible or overwhelming.