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Doing His Will

alec vanderboom

I am yours Lord.
I was born for you.
What do you want of me? (St. Teresa of Avila's prayer)

Abigail's Current Prayer Proving that She's Far From Sainthood

Please Lord, please!
I've been SO good.
Can't I do ONE thing that I want to do when I want to do it?

Here's what I'm learning this week. It's not about me. What I want. What I'd like to accomplish in a day.

It's about doing God's will. Cheerfully.

Here's what I'd like to do tomorrow. Clean a kitchen that is currently infested with fruit flies. Order warm winter clothes from the internet. Teach a 2nd grader how to read. Bake banana bread. Write a batch of cheerful letters to priests and religious. Call some friends.

Here's what is most likely on God's agenda tomorrow.

None of the above.

Instead, based on my week so far

God would like me to
a) sit still

b) nurse a 2 month old baby who likes to eat slowly
VERY slowly.
(As in Tess is a baby girl who can rouse herself from a milk coma in order to keep nursing for a solid 2-3 hours at one time without stopping.)

c) work on not losing my patience with the newborn, or the toddler, or the first grader, or the second grader.

So far this week, I haven't mastered the doing God's will and not my own "cheerfully" thing. Will try again tomorrow.