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The Young Victoria - The MovieGoer

alec vanderboom

Totally fantastic flick to enjoy during a Baby Moon. This is one of the BEST movies about the healing power of Marriage. It will also make you thank your lucky stars that you weren't born into royalty. (Those inner family feuds of the royals were seriously messed up).

At age 18, Princess Victoria is the product of some seriously deranged home-schooling philosophies. The poor girl is never allowed to be alone, never allowed to walk down the stairs without holding an adult's hand and never allowed to visit the court of her Uncle, the King of England. She's about to become one of the youngest rulers of the Modern Age. Her first cousin, Albert, is the one person in her life who isn't filled with self-interest. He loves the Princess for herself alone. Can she overcome her fears of intimacy and marry him?

Available for Instant Download from Netflix.

(Do yourself a favor and quickly read the Wikipedia site on Prince Albert before you dive into this thrilling historical romance. A little historical background on 19th Century England will greatly enhance this film.)