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Halloween Costumes

alec vanderboom


This year the NICU experience was so hard, that I coped out of making All Saints Day costumes for the kids and bought regular Halloween costumes from Old Navy. That's a measure of how exhausted I was, because I LOVE making up Saints costumes.

The article by the English Catholic Bishops really encouraged me to do better. Hannah happily exchanged "Super Girl" to become "Saint Queen Mathilda" and Mimi moved from generic princess to St. Elizabeth of Hungry. Initally, Alex was going to trade "Batman" for a real superhero, St. Micheal. Five minutes before trick-or-treat time, he changed his mind. I decided not to fight him. I was so excited that he voluntarily carved Jesus on his pumpkin ("Complete with the blood and water coming out of his side, Mom!") that I caved on the Batman request.
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Posted by Picasa

Little Tess stayed a butterfly because that's sort of Eastery right?