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40 Days For Life

alec vanderboom

Things are a bit nutty in the Benjamin household right now.

Poor Mr. Benjamin ate his dinner 2 hour late last night because for an entire afternoon, I didn't have a free 30 seconds to put the raw chicken legs into the oven.

Our living room is starting to look like a scene from "Hoarders". The 100 piece "marble racer set" is now permanent piece of abstract art on my coffee table. There are layers of toys, crayons, and Barbie dolls stacked across the floor.

People call me on the phone to congratulate me on the joyful return of NICU baby, but I'm not able to chat. The baby who formerly starved in the NICU needs to eat every 120 minutes and I still need two free hands to handle her awkward latch.*

It's a typical day in the life of a big American family.

Only after the long drama of the NICU, I still wake up grateful that all four of my children now reside in the same home.

Which is why, a single bullet point in my Archdiocese of Washington's Teen Education Sheet on the 2011 March For Life hit me hard in the stomach.

Over 60% of all abortions are performed on women who are already mothers.

It's true. I double checked that statistic. The Majority of Women who seek abortion services are already Moms. 61 % percent according to the Guttmacher Institute which is a licensed fact-finder for the World Health Institute.

That statistic rocked my perception that most abortions are requested by scared unmarried high school and college students.

Instead, most abortions are requested by Moms.

Moms, exactly like me, who are scared of the hard, awful times when everyone in the house needs something immediately from you and you only have two small hands to help them.

And when you get pregnant unexpectedly as a Mom with yet another baby and your faced with at least 18 more years of a family twice the size you envisioned then it's tempting to think- as Dayna, a mother of seven, eloquently explains- "I could never do that!"

But that Fear is not really the Truth.

The Truth is that God gives mothers a special grace, a grace to do impossible things.

Today, I'm offering up my "impossible day" to mothers who are considering having an abortion. Hope that some of you will do the same.

*Baby Tess gained 2 pounds in her first week home, Hurrah!