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Quick Update

alec vanderboom

Tessie's heart "procedure" is scheduled for sometime between 11 AM and 1 PM tomorrow. Jon met the heart surgeon. Our medical care is totally amazing. It's hard to believe that there is an expert on staff who does this specialized heart surgery for newborns everyday. Because my baby is full term and 8 pounds, he told my husband "no problem." The doctors are used to doing this same technique for premies who weigh less than two pounds.

Tomorrow they will be using this special thing called a "lasso" to remove the plastic tube in my baby bunny's heart.

As for my calmness, it's all Jesus baby! I had a scary hour long Metro ride from my house to Children's Hospital. The doctors at our local hospital had never seen this before and they were very scared. I really worried that the obstruction would stop my baby's heart from beating immediately.

All the way down on the Metro, I clung onto my cellphone (which was my connection to my husband) and my rosary (which was my connection to my Blessed Mother.) I took out my favorite picture of Jesus from my Carmelite friend's Ordination last year. With that help, I got to the hospital in one piece, a full 5 hours after I first heard of the bad news.

Since then, it's been nothing but encouraging news.

Send me your prayer intentions please!!!!! Jon, me and Baby Tess will all be hanging on the cross for a few hours on Friday. Glad to know that we'll be in a great position to barter for favors from God for all you!