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Moving Baby Tess

alec vanderboom

Baby Tess had another amazing day! I just finished breast feeding her for the first time since her surgery. She's super alert and social. The nurses were shocked that she already knows how to smile.

Tonight is our last night in the NICU. Tomorrow she is getting transfered back to the hospital where she was born. She'll be on a regular pediatric floor. Hopefully, Baby Tess is now on "cruise control." Her only reason to still be in the hospital is for her to finish the antibiotic treatment for her blood infection. She should be ready to come home on September 28th.

The new hospital is much closer to home. They allow siblings to visit anytime. Unlike the NICU, you can watch TV, make telephone calls and eat inside the patients room. A parent is also allowed to spend the night. I'm looking forward to a much easier hospital stay for another week.

Many thanks for your prayers for Tess and me. I had a mericful intervention by Jesus this afternoon which kept me out of trouble.