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Baby Steps Towards Home

alec vanderboom

Tess moved into a "regular" crib instead of a heated "baby table" yesterday. She figured out how to hold a pacifier in her mouth by herself. We're weaning her off oxygen. She's got this scary tube in her head that's just a "back up" IV port. It's frustrating to her vain Mama who wants to put cute hats on her head- but that IV will probaby stay in her head until we go home because Tess is labeled a "hard stick", i.e. a baby who DOESN'T LIKE IV pokes. The yellow tube (by Jon's hand) is what we desperately want to go away soon. It's called an NG tube. Currently its sucking up all the yucky stuff from her stomach that isn't going down her intestine like it should. As soon as the color turns a nice, normal light yellow, we can start feeding her breast milk. And as soon as she can hold down breast milk -- We can go HOME!
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