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The Friday Round-Up

alec vanderboom

(Or 7 Quick Takes minus 2)

1. 72 hours to go until baby time!

2. This afternoon, I stopped by the hospital to get some blood work done before my surgery on Monday morning. The patient registration person had a funny comment for me. She asked me if this was my first baby. I told her this was number four.

She said "and you're an American? That's so good! In Africa women have 8, 10, 12 babies, no problem. Here in America everyone thinks that more than two children is to much trouble! Very good for you!"

I thought that was so cute that at number 4, I've earned honorary status as an African mother.

3. My baby's Godmother has now become elevated to "totally awesome" status. She drove me and my three restless kids to the hospital for my blood work this afternoon, took us to Burger King so the kids could get some exercise on the indoor playground, bought an heirloom baptism gown for the new baby AND tracked down actual water for the River Jordan for new baby's baptism.

4. While Godmother and I were busy yapping about our Catholic faith, I got to experience our culture's new "anti-boy" sentiments in action. Hannah and Alex started a "girls against boys" chase game with two other 7 year olds on the playground. Alex started screaming in pain after a girl bent his wrist in the wrong directions for several seconds in order "win" the chase game.

I attended my son's injury in complete shock. There was the little girl by my sobbing son. There was no apology or look of concern from either the little girl or her parent. I guess intentional injuries by "older" kids is now considered 'fair play' on a Burger King playground.

Thank heavens it doesn't appear to be a bad sprain. Alex offered up his pain for the "People who make movies to stop making bad Witchcraft ones" and I made sure we said several Hail Mary's at our table to forgive the little girl.

5. Can I just respond to the millions of posts saying "I'm so happy my kids are going back to school." It's a jungle out there. I'm so happy my 1st and 2nd grader and NOT going to back to school next week.