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Humor at the Doctor's Office

alec vanderboom

After my first needle poke in the lab today, I stopped by my Doctor's office for my RhoGAM Shot. (I've got Rh Negative Blood. Therefore, I need a special medicine to prevent my body from making antibodies if my baby ends up inheriting her father's Rh Positive blood type. I got one shot today as a precaution before my labor and delivery. Then they will test baby's blood type at her birth. If the baby is Rh Positive, I'll receive a second RhoGAm shot during my hospital stay.)

I had the funniest exchange with the nurse who administered my RhoGAM injection.

For some reason, the nurse keyed into the fact that I've had three previous children who all inherited their Dad's positive blood type. This struck her as horribly unfair.

For five minutes my nurse kept saying "Maybe this baby will finally be the one that inherits your blood type instead of your husband's blood type. Wouldn't that be great? Then you'd be SPARED a second RhoGAM shot. Don't you wish that could happen? Don't you hope for at least one of your children to be Rh Negative? I'll be hoping for your sake, Mrs. Benjamin. I'll be hoping!"

During this whole conversation, I couldn't speak. I stared at this woman in a surreal state of disbelief.

I'm having another c-section for this child. Of all of the physical discomfort that will accompany my three day hospital stay, the pain from a second RhoGAM shot is so tiny. It's laughable to be so concerned about my reception of an "extra" RhoGAM shot when I'll suffer so many harder trials as a new mother to this precious baby.

The whole conversation over my RhoGAM injection just seemed so ironic!