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There's No Nest Like An Old Nest, for a New Bird!

alec vanderboom

There's an Italian saying "Every baby comes with a loaf of bread under it's arm!"

Our newest baby came with a complete home make-over! In the past four weeks, our humble apartment received a huge assortment of free gifts from our apartment manager, our neighbors and our family. We received new carpet, a fresh coat of paint, two couches, four dining room chairs, three sets of new curtains, three side tables, and two lamps. My mom even found a $600 inheritance made up entirely of rolls of quarters that my grandmother had left me over 10 years ago. We used my "surprise" inheritance to buy a new computer.

God is so good! He uses many helping hands to bless his faithful ones. He's especially kind to nesting pregnant ladies!




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New Couch
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