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The Decision to Follow God or Mammon

alec vanderboom

Oh glorious day! I got to attend Daily Mass and Confession. What a treat!

Father Gary's homily was so simple and powerful. The reading today was "You can't serve both God and Mammon."

Father explained this choice between God and the Devil is not a like buying a car. It is not a calm, rational decision that you can linger over for days. Instead, you make your choice about who to follow in a crisis, in the chaos, in the confusion of life altering events.

The choice between Good and Evil is not like buying a car!

I love that. Because when I'm calm, the choice is so clear. Of course, I love God. Of course, I want to take the harder path that leads to heaven. God's footprint is in my heart.

Yet its in the chaos of life that the choice becomes messy; when I'm tired, when I'm sick, when I'm broke, when the kids are screaming at each other six hours into a long car trip- that's when the choice to stay obedient to God's "hard" will becomes a challenge. Yet our choice in those hard moments show us where our true loyalties lie.

No one can follow two Masters. Like my good buddy Job, it's following God when times are hard, confusing or scary which is the test of my true loyalties.