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Why I Love Catholic Friends!

alec vanderboom

I ran into a Jane Marie, a homeschooling mother of five who attends my parish, at Target tonight. We chatted about Hannah's upcoming First Communion and promised to set up a play date soon for our sons.

"A new boy pal for Alex will be so great!"I said enthusiastically. We just found out the new baby is a girl . . ."

I took a break from speaking to rub my tummy with affection "so that means that Alex will be the only boy in our family."

Jane Marie said, "For Now!"

I love Catholics!

My fifth pregnancy has been met with so much negativity. It's so sweet to run into a new friend who reminds me that a) it's totally possible that someday Alex will get the little brother he's wanted since our son Francisco died and b) that this teeny baby girl might not be our last.