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A Slight Difference in Penance

alec vanderboom

I mentioned yesterday that our lovely Washington Post published a dramatic insult to the Roman Catholic priesthood on Monday.

Abby's protest: Wrote a letter to the Editor. Vowed to Abstain from reading the Post for one week

Jon's Protest: Vowed to never read the the paper again in his lifetime!

At dinner tonight, Jon said "After that insult, never again will the Post cross my doorstep."

My husband is a temperate man who means what he says. I laughed so hard at his comment that I started to choke. What a difference in penance! I thought I was doing good by refusing to buy the Post when I took the kids to Burger King. Meanwhile, my husband responds to an attack on the priesthood by making a lifetime vow to never subscribe to our city's one major newspaper again.

I'm so blessed that God yoked me together with this man. If it was up to me and my easy going nature, I'd think that a stubbed toe was a big enough cross to merit heaven.