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Hannah's Talent for Visual Metaphors

alec vanderboom

Last night at dinner, we talked about how the Eucharist unites us to others, as well as to God. Hannah had beautiful comparison for us.

"Each of us are pretty beads on a necklace. We get made a bead when we are babies through our Baptism. Every time someone gets their First Communion they get sewed onto the necklace. The Eucharist is the thread of love that binds us together.

Then Devil gets mad and tries to cut of off the necklace with some sharp scissors. Our job is stay aways from the scissors and keep getting sewed more and more into the necklace.

At the end of time, God will close the necklace and take the whole necklace to Heaven."

Another Hannah image about sin and Confession.

"When you are born, you have a slide set in front of you that last as long as your life. At the top of the slide is heaven. Your job is to climb up the slippery part of the side. Every time you sin, you slip down your slide. When you go to Confession your Guardian Angel gives you a boost up the slide. When you reach the top, (that's when you die) there is Jesus waiting for you!"