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First Communion -Part 1

alec vanderboom

Twelve Hours before First Communion!!!

Hannah and her Daddy came back glowing from their Spiritual Retreat today! I highly recommend having your husband take off of work, for even a few hours, to spend some special time in prayer the day before your child's First Communion. Since I do most of the religious ed training for the kids by default because I'm the main homeschool teacher, Jon was so happy to spend some extra time preparing Hannah to receive the Sacrament of Communion.

So far, so good on Communion Day prep. I managed to avert the crisis of completely misplaced bobby pins by borrowing some from my Indian neighbor. I stood at the door for a long time talking to her son and staring at odd statues of Hindi gods in their china cabinet, as my neighbor searched for something to secure Hannah's First Communion Veil. As I walked away so grateful that my neighbor's charity spared me an emergency late-night run to Target, I thought this must count as a big deal in heaven right? A Hindi lends a future Spouse of Christ bobby pins to secure her veil before she receives the Body of Christ for the first time? Maybe God made all of my absent-mindness on purpose, just to let more non-Catholics get a Crown in heaven for helping out my Catholic family.