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alec vanderboom

It's Holy Week!

How are is the Benjamin family spending their time? Going to Adoration? Extra hours in prayer? No, it's an ob visit and an emergency trip to the dentist.

This morning I heard the five most dreaded words in the English language for a pregnant mommy, "Nurse, go get the sonogram machine . . ." After five minutes with the hand-held monitor, my doctor couldn't find my baby's heartbeat. For those long minutes, I just mentally said "I'm on the cross with you, Jesus." Finally, as the nurse wheeled in the sonogram machine the doctor found a strong heartbeat. My baby was just hanging out so low in my uterus that he was below my c-section scar.

After that scare, my nerves were a mess for the rest of the visit. My husband compares my post-miscarriage fears of finding a lost heartbeat at a routine ob visit to soldiers returning from war with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. I'm not sure I'm ever going to be cured of that anxiety. At least as a Catholic I can offer up that pain and save some souls during Holy Week.

This afternoon, I'm taking my 5 year old to an emergency trip to the dentist. Did you know that teeth can bruise? Alex had a bad fall on the concrete Subway steps two weeks ago. Last night we noticed that two of his teeth are discolored. He needs x-rays to determine if his teeth are simply "bruised" or "dying." I'm hoping for "bruised", since otherwise that would make our 8th root canal (between 2 kids) within the past 3 years.

Kiddie root canals and Holy Week.

As my husband said, "God must think that we're still too little as Catholics to chose our own penance during Holy Week!"

May you all have a blessed week!

(Update: Alex is fine!)