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Foiling the Enemy With Good Sausages

alec vanderboom

I found this interesting biography of Simonne Jeanne Michenon, a member of the French Resistance who is buried in a local cemetery in D.C.

"Her friends remember one particular story she would tell of German troops storming into her family home at the vineyard. Ms. Michenon was cooking at the time, making French sausages, saucisson. She diverted the soldiers with food, wine and entertaining conversation until, at last, they conducted their search of the house. Feeling the effects of good drink and full stomachs, their search was cursory at best, and they left never having looked in the cellar where refugees were hiding."
-Person of Interest, Ivy Hill Cemetery Newsletter, Winter 2010.

I love how stuffing enemy soldiers with fresh sausage, wine and good conversation is an effective way to fight for the French Resistance!

May we all pray for good blessings for the enemies of our families and our Church this Lent.