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Signing Off

alec vanderboom

I'm celebrating Pentecost Sunday by actually following one of my directives from the Holy Spirit. I'm stopping my blog.

It's so beautiful, actually. When I started this blog I felt like stay-at-home mothers were as rare as unicorns. I eagerly searched out fellow Catholic moms on remote corners of the Internet. Reading people's blogs and writing my own was an important part of staying sane in dramatically unfamiliar territory.

Two years later, I've finally have a Catholic home. I've got a home church and Carmel. My family chats regularly with priests and religious. There are Catholic home-schooling friends and neighborhood pals. So there are so many new friends and wonderful prayer thoughts to fill my day.

I don't know how long a "break" this will be. I'm no longer directing my own ship. I just know that I don't feel right blogging until I get more steady at my prayer life. (As a chatterbox, I find writing much easier and more enjoyable than doing my daily 1/2 hour of the prayer of the quiet. Until that passion gets flipped around, I'm going to radically detach from blogging.)

Lots of peace to everyone!

A special thank you to everyone who has read my thoughts over the past two years!

Remember, I'm working on becoming a true Carmelite. So if you have any prayer requests, please send me an email: