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Happy Snow Day!

alec vanderboom

Today is the first time that we've had snow this year. All the non-home schooled kids are home for Martin Luther King Jr Day, so there is a big party outside my window. My five year old daughter is currently making a snow man in tights and her new "Christmas lipstick." (That would be the Jello chapstick Aunt Emily brought over from the "stocking stuffers we accidentally left at Grandma's" pile.)

Hannah's girly make-up genes are so clearly from Jon's side of the family! The funny part is that my sister, Emily, loudly shrieked that baby Maria woke up from her nap on Sunday and insisted on carrying all THREE purses out of her crib: "That Baby has THREE purses and she carries all of them at the SAME TIME!"

This morning Emily frantically called me to see if I had a fancy purse that her friend could borrow for tomorrow's Inauguration Ball.

I, of course, have only one mangled black leather purse from Payless which isn't fit for any black tie event.

My 18 month old daughter, however, has THREE fancy purses including one darling scarlet Banana Republic purse which I donated to her older sister five years ago.

You've got to love that innate wisdom of toddler girls!