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Prayer for Forgiveness

alec vanderboom

My Dearest Mother,

All I can give you on this, the Eve of your most important Feast Day in the United States of America is my utter poverty. I am poor in spirit when it comes to praise & thanksgiving of you.

Before this mornings 8:30 AM Mass, I had no idea that this Holy Day is observed only in the United States. I spent more time in preparation for Our Lady of Guadalupe Feast Day on December 12, instead my own country's Patron Feast Day. You announced divine approval of this doctrine at Lourdes to one of my dear friends, Saint Bernadette, yet I'm ridiculously stupid in understanding of this doctrine.

Draw close to me my Blessed Mother. Lend me your Immaculate Heart. Teach me to follow your Holy Footsteps from Bethlehem to Calvary. Let me blow some toddler kisses to your Statue at Mass tomorrow. I have Hope that next year this most Holy Feast will not lie so forgotten in the pile of Advent activities.

Your loving servant,