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alec vanderboom

Stomach virus hit the house last Saturday. Jon was at his Catholic Men's group, when it suddenly became apparent that both Hannah & I were down for the count. We laid down next to each other in front of the TV for 10 straight hours. I was so sick, all I could do was sort of touch Hannah's hair with my fingers and mutter "poor baby, poor baby." When she finally came back around 8 PM, Hannah was so affectionate. "I love you Mom. You're the best." I felt sort of guilty, I really didn't do much. Jon poured the ginger ale and found the Strawberry Shortcake cartoon channel. I couldn't even sit up to take the nasty towels away to the washing machine. That's when I realized that sometimes, when your sick, just having someone next to you is enough. Sick days are "wasted" days anymore. They are a chance to do what we like best in our family, show each other the face of Christ.

House. Still. Waiting. Everything is on the back burner while we a) get our loan finalized and b) search for a new buyers agent.