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alec vanderboom

I'm stealing Conversion Diary Jen's idea.

Light blogging week. Man has this been a rough Fall for our family. Taking up formal homeschooling and a formal commitment to housekeeping at the time is a real challenge.

Last Saturday we hosted 35 guests for Alex's 4th Birthday party. It was great. Pictures to come soon.

Saturday night at 8 PM tragedy hit our house when our formally docile dog of 13 years bit a 10 year old neighbor. The little girl needed 4 stitches on her cheek. The entire experience was devastating. Sunday, I just threw myself in front the Monstrance and cried during Holy Hour.

For everyone who has been praying for this situation, thank you. The little girl got her stitches out yesterday. I haven't seen her yet, but her Mom stopped by yesterday for a good 1/2 hour talk. The Mom is extremely pleased with the doctor's work. The scarring should be minimal to non-existent.

We're still discerning what should happen with our dog. Animal Control was extremely helpful. We called them just out of a basic "Catholic should respect authority" even though our vet & so many other people urged us not to bother. I'm really glad we did.

The painful lesson I learned at 8 PM on Saturday night was to never, ever let a kid pet your dog without you standing next to your dog, guiding the process. We had three neighbors over who were older girls, who had dog sat our dog before. I totally trusted them and I trusted our dog. When I thought about kids and dogs being a dangerous combination, it always involved young kids. Not so, unfortunately. It's heart-stopping when life flips around on a dime.

My husband has pulled 1 AM work days for a few nights in a row. I hadn't realized how much I depend on him coming home and handling the bedtime routine for the kids. I told him, "when you work late, I work late!" My heart is out for all of you wives who have husband's who travel.

Six months, and still no new Benjamins on the way. I had profound thoughts while suffering unwanted cramps while listening to Governor Palin's V-P debate. I can't remember any of them, now of course. Oh well, maybe they'll subconsciously appear in a novel some day.

Now that I'm entering the Carmelite Order, I'm seeing signs everywhere. In my past, in my present. One funny example happened yesterday. I noticed that my brown leather sandals are getting stretched out and uncomfortable to wear. As I put on my 10 year old Teevas, I started feeling pity for myself. "Cold weather is coming to D.C. and I can't wear these much longer. I don't have any shoes to wear this winter." Then this thought hit me really hard, "Wait, I'm joining the DISCALCESED Carmelite order!" Same situation, but a little Catholic humor makes it all bearable.

On Santa Teresa's Feast Day, I gorged myself on knowledge of new Carmelite saints. People of interest: Leonie Martin, (The Little Flower's older sister), Elizabeth of the Trinity, & St. Teresa of the Andes. Really inspiring people. I'll link to interesting web pages soon. Also, I feel more in love with Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton during my visit to her shrine last week.