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Seperation of Church and State- A Myth

alec vanderboom

From Father Avelino's Homily Today:

"This is a post-Christian time that we live in. A time of paganism. A time of non-belief. We have much in common with the early church in ancient time. We need to live in Truth, because there is such thing as Truth, and be a sign for others. Forget the talk about "reevanglism". We need to "evanglize." There are so many people who are not well instructed in the faith.

Even in America, even in this country which is supposed to be the most believing country in the world.

There is a myth that has gotten a hold of many Americans, the myth of the seperation of church and state. Our founding fathers wisely insisted that there was to be no State Religion in America. No State Religion. The idea that church and state must be seperated, that appears no where in the Constitution.

Our Founding Fathers didn't mean that there should be a division between what you believed at home and what you could believe and say in public. In fact, this false division is harmful. It lets you think that you can seperate your private actions from your public actions. This lie encourages a divided mind.

We are all here today because we wish to give honor to Jesus. We must present him with our presence, now and every moment in our day. We must present to Our Savior our whole body, our whole mind."

Whew! Way more knowledge here that in my two semesters of Constitutional Law. Yet another reason that I drag my children out of bed at 6 AM.