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Forty Days of Life

alec vanderboom

On Sunday, I attended my first public prayer to protest abortion. “The Life Chain” was an event throughout the US and Canada. We got to pick out signs. I choose “Abortion Hurts Women” which seemed a fitting tribute to the “pro-women, pro-choice” lie I got stuffed down my head for all of those years.

The prayer gathering was silent. Each person grabbed a sign and stood 10 feet from each other along the sidewalk. We chose a major highway, Route 355, which passes in front of our church. Since, I got there late, I ended up being the “first” in line. I stood on the edge. People could read my sign first as they came down the overpass in front of our parish hall.

It was hard to concentrate, so I closed my eyes. I’m not good at praying the Rosary yet in the safety of my own house. I felt exposed and vulnerable, especially when the city buses roared by. Sometimes people honked as they went by us. We were supposed to acknowledge such approval signs with only a smile. The entire hour was meant to be silent.

During our prayer, I felt so much. It reminded me that our human methods to fight evil fall so short. I need to relay more on prayer.

Here is the “Novena Prayers At the Abortuary” that my church is using during the 40 Days of Life. Please list your suggestions for intercessory prayer in the comments.

“The Sorrowful Mysteries”

1) Agony in the Garden: Even Christ found it difficult to do His Father’s will at Gethsemane. May each woman who agonizes whether to choose life or death for her child have the courage to say: “Thy will be done” and choose life.
2) The Scourging at the Pillar : As Christ was scourged, His skin was torn. The pain was agonizing upon his innocent flesh. May the merits of Christ’s suffering bring an end to legalized abortion.
3) The Crowning With Thorns: As Christ was crowned with thorns, He suffered great humiliation. May we never be afraid of human opinions, pain or humiliation in our pro-life apostolate. May we always offer it up for the love of Jesus in reparation for the sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary and for the conversion of the poor souls of sinners.
4) Carrying of the Cross: Lord, by the time You carried your Cross, You were near total exhaustion. Yet, You went on giving totally of Yourself. Help us to go on with our prolife efforts,, no matter how tired or discouraged we may be. May we never rest until we have given of ourselves completely.
5) The Crucifixion: From the Cross You Said, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” Although You gave Your life, You bore no malice. As Your heart was pierced, it poured forth love. By the merits of Your death, help us to work without malice, wishing like You, only the conversion of the sinner.