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St Jane Frances de Chantal Feast Day

alec vanderboom

What an amazing saint! Saint Jane loved her husband dearly. He died after being accidentially shot by a close family friend in a tragic hunting accident. Her husband forgive his friend on his death bed. "Don't commit the sin of hating yourself when you have done nothing wrong."

Jane struggled to match her husband's mercy. At first, Saint Jane made herself greet the man on the street. After some time, she made herself invite the man to dinner. Then she invited him into her house for dinner. Soon she had reconciled herself so completely, she served as godmother to the man's child.

This experience brought St. Jane close to God. She eventually developed a close spiritual friendship with Saint Fracis de Sales. St. Jane founded her own religious order taking in many of women who were deemed to old or sick to join other religious orders.

Saint Jane pray for us! Help us to forgive those people who severely hurt us. Help us to find the share you same peace in God during our most difficult struggles.

H/T: "Saints and Angels, Catholic Online"