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Urgent Prayer Request

alec vanderboom

I'm not sure if anyone is still reading my non-updated blog, but if you do stop by, please say a prayer for my father-in-law, Bob Benjamin. Jon's beloved Dad is being airlifted as I post this to a hospital in Burlington, Vermont after he suffered a severe seizure. We don't know yet if it was caused by a stroke or by a heart attack. (Jon's Dad is 72 & had an ER Trip earlier this week for congestive heart failure.)

My father-in-law, who has been so loving to me, all of his grandchildren, and a devoted Dad to my husband, was born on Christmas Day. He has a twin brother. He's also been out of the Catholic Church for over 30 years.

Please take a moment to pray a divine mercy chaplet with the specific intention that he receives Divine Mercy while he is near death. (As Catholics, we have a special concern for the soul of the dying, even more than our intense desire for healing in the physical body) Here's the link, which you'll have to copy yourself. Sorry for making you do a little extra work. I'm feeling a little to rattled to look up the link code.

So far, my husband is calm and collected. He is a rock! I'm so, so thankful that as Catholics we are "always prepared" as the Boy Scouts like to say. Within a 1/2 an hour we had made multiple prayer calls, had our Blessed Candle burning, said 2 divine Mercy chaplets and started arrangements for the sacrament of the sick in a hospital nine hours away. (Look how much we needed the Eucharist today. Get to Daily Mass if you are at able to make the journey with your family!)

Please say a special Hail Mary for my mother-in-law, Lois, and Jon's two sisters, Tami and Keli.

Thank you!

(Hat tip to Conversion Diary Jennifer F, who knows that I love her even if I can't link to her blog right now!)