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Sing a New Song Unto The Lord

alec vanderboom

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending my first recording session. My choir director, Mario Adkin, composed a new choral piece called "The Only God." His piece is inspired by the upcoming papal visit of our Holy Father. My choir was invited to sing back-up vocals for the first production cut of this new work.

Before this song feast, I'd been focused solely on preparing for the Papal visit in my heart. I've taken Lent extra seriously this year. (Along with the rest of D.C., I'm still dreaming of obtaining papal mass tickets.) While singing a new song created solely to bring graces for a papal visit, I thought about preparing externally for the Papal visit.

Maybe I can invent a new cake recipe. Maybe I'll write a letter to the editor. Maybe I'll create a St. Peter's Chair wreath for the front door. I want to create a new thing. I want to show the world that I'm preparing to welcome our Pope in April. Our creativity comes from Holy Spirit. Giving it back to God by honoring the head of his church is a gift as sweet as the homemade valenties I received from my four-year old this Saint Valentine's Day.

Prayer: Lord, Help us receive our Holy Father this April with joy and thanksgiving. Open our hearts to hear his message.