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The Vaphio Cups (15th century bc) were found in a tomb at Vaphio, near Sparta. Their origins, which are not certain, are either Minoan or Mycenaean. They are made of two sheets of gold fastened together. One sheet is left smooth for the inside; the other is done in repoussé relief for the outside. The scenes on the cups depict a ritual involving bull catching.
Photo credit: Bridgeman Art Library, London/New York

Italy,Tuscany , Chianti Region , Greek pitcher seen at Castello di Montebenichi , a 14th Century Castle Fortress
Photo credit: Nowitz Photography

Crypt of the Franciscan church at Kefr Kana (the Site of the Wedding of Cana Miracle), with ritually pure stone jar.
Photo credit:

"Trust in Jesus is the essence of the message of mercy. When we go to a public fountain, we can draw water from it as long as we have a vessel or container of some kind to put the water in. If our vessel is small, we can only bring back a little water; if it's large, we can bring back a lot. And anyone with a vessel can draw water from the foutain. The water is there for us, and no one is excluded. All we need is a vessel." (Divine Mercy Message, pg. 30).

Pictured above are three sizes of vessels: a cup, a pitcher and 25-30 gallon jar. Lent is the time where we focus on enlarging our vessel of faith, so that we can contain more of the abudant graces of God.

Prayer: Merciful Savior, we know that even our faith in you is a gift. Enlarge our hearts, strengthen our trust in you. We long to enlarge our small vessels to hold more of your mericiful love.