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Growing the Virtue of Meekness

alec vanderboom

Et Tu Jen has another great post on this issue.

Here's my comment:

Inspiring words from my Advent bible study tonight on this issue. "Produce good fruit as the evidence of your repentance." Matthew, 4: 8, the reading for this coming Sunday.

"Consider that God wants to fill you up with honey, but if you are already full of vinegar where will you put the honey? What was in the vessel must be emptied out; the vessel itself must be washed out and made clean and scoured; hard work though it may be, so that if be made fit for something else, whatever it may be." St. Augustine

Pot scrubbing is one of my least favorite kitchen tasks. I'll be scrubbing with more reflection this advent knowing that I'm also working on cleansing my heart of anger, arrogence, and selfishness- making my interior more receptive to the sweet honey of the Eucharist on Christmas Day.