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My 100th Post

alec vanderboom

A few words of thanks are in order:

To Minnesota Mom whose August 10th post got to stop “lurking” and open a free Blogger account

To Et Tu? Jen whose Sept 21 post made my blog go “national”

To Ladybug Mommy Maria who regularly encourages me to get published

To Maria, from my rosary group,her brother
Joshie who insures that my comment box rarely says “0”,& his girlfriend Jenny who gives me hope that my little girls can grow up to be both sassy & chaste

To Tienne who likes my history posts

To Jen Ambrose who logs in from China to comment on my art posts

For Tertium Quid whose kind comments made me say to my husband “men actually read my blog?”

To my friend “Nashville Jen” who inspires most of these posts but is too shy to ever comment,

To all of you gentle readers,

And to my best reader,Mr. Jon Benjamin.